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The Szucs Foundation

A Brief History

   The Foundation was approved by the IRS as a section 501(c)(3) public charity on July 8, 2021. It was officially organized on September 21, 2021 with the appointment of 9 board members and the election of 4 officers. It's main office is located in the Fairmount section of Philadelphia at 743 N. 24th Street, Philadelphia, Pa 19130.

   It is named after its founder, Gerald (Jerry) F. Szucs (pronounced Seech) who envisioned the idea of multiple charities under one umbrella organization. He is presently in the process of donating his for-profit businesses and business properties to the Foundation. 

   The members of the Board of Directors represent a variety of interests and talents ranging from business and nonprofit leaders, lawyers, veterans, other nonprofit organizations, a pastor, an accountant, a physician and an academic. 

   With the mutual consent of the members of the Szucs Foundation and the Frankie's World Foundation's Board of Directors, the Frankie's World Foundation became a subsidiary of the Szucs Foundation on December 15, 2021. The Frankie's World Foundation is a highly respected and innovative medical day care center for special needs children located at 1001 Poplar Street, Philadelphia, Pa 19123. It obtained IRS 501(c)(3) nonprofit status on December 14, 2009.

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Core Values

  1. To distribute public donations in an objective, transparent and equitable way.

  2. To hold ourselves accountable for the proper distribution of grants and funds.

  3.  To screen all organizations and individuals receiving grants and funds.

  4. To never discriminate based on race, age, gender, socioeconomic level, ethnicity, religious belief, and all other distinguishing characteristics. 

  5. To acknowledge all donations and to respect the donors desire for a specific kind of charity.

  6. To emphasize in our public communications concern for the poor and disadvantaged as well as the social justice issues of the day.

  7. To treat all donors regardless of the size of the donation with equal dignity and respect.

  8. The core values encompass honesty, integrity, compassion and kindness. 

Why Support The Szucs Foundation? 

  1. Connections- What makes the Szucs Foundation different  from other public charities is its ability to directly connect the donor to the person or charity receiving the donation.

  2. Choice of Many Charities- Because the Foundation offers a number of different kinds of charitable works, the donor can make a donation for one particular charity or a number of charities all at the same time.

  3. Public Transparency and Accountability- All donations go to individuals and organizations that have been screened by the Foundation. While individual donors can remain anonymous, should they so choose, otherwise all donation amounts are listed in the Foundation's annual report with the recipient's name and amount given. 

  4. Administrative Cost- Because the Board members believe strongly that public donations should be directed primarily for the cause itself rather than for administrative purposes, the Szucs Foundation will self-limit the amount set aside from public donations for administrative costs to no more than 15%. Please note that the Directors and Officers of the Foundation receive no compensation whatsoever.

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Professional Advisory Board

The Professional Advisory Board's purpose is to provide recommendations/courses of action to the Szucs Foundation Board of Directors for final approval. Below is a link with more information. 

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